CRL Total Systems Provider

For 75 years, Central Research Laboratories (CRL) has led the way in the safe handling of hazardous materials. Well-known as the premier manufacturer of telemanipulators in the nuclear industry, CRL’s innovative remote-handling technology now spans into radiopharmaceutical facilities around the world. Building upon this legacy, CRL now offers additional capabilities needed for the handling and transfer of hazardous materials or aseptic and potent components.

CRL’s Rapid Transfer Ports (RTP) systems are used in conjunction with beta assemblies to efficiently transfer critical components into and out of contained environments, such as isolators or hot cells. Our flexible product line offers the ideal solution for complete containment of stoppers, vials, powders, liquids, or tools during the transfer process. RTPs and betas are available in all industry-standard sizes but can also be customized based on customer requirements. Beta assemblies, including containers and Beta bags, are available for use, not only with CRL RTPs but leading competitor’s Alpha ports as well.

Once critical components are transferred securely into containment, CRL Glove Ports allow operators to safely perform necessary tasks. A variety of available sizes and styles offer the needed flexibility for any application. Push-Through Glove Ports can expand functionality, allowing for the interchangeability between gloves, viewing windows, bag-outs, and plugs. All of this can be accomplished without losing enclosure containment or risking the spread of contamination.

Using the knowledge gained over 70 years, CRL has developed a full line of 1-piece and 3-piece manipulators to accommodate remote handling in both Nuclear and Life Science applications. The Model G-LDR is perfect for small isolators used in radio-pharma applications. Conversely, the specially engineered VERSA model is ideal for heavy-duty work in hot cell environments. These manipulators give operators the dexterity and strength to complete complex tasks behind walls with limited access and vision.

CRL’s Waste Drum Transfer System is the end-of-the-line for contaminated waste that needs to be disposed of in a safe, environmentally friendly manner. Evolving from the RTP, the WDTS combines a modified Alpha port and a mobile drum system. Electric motors are used to raise and lower the heavy drum, as well as rotate in and out of a locked position on the Alpha port. Acting as a standard Beta container, the drum can only be opened when safely attached to the Alpha. Once full, the drum is sealed, allowing it to be disengaged and moved to another location.

Over seven decades of experience, coupled with the technology needed for the handling of hazardous and sterile materials, means CRL is the only place Nuclear and Life Science engineers need to go when designing and building all components in a containment system.