Alpha Sterilizing Cover

For sterilization of the entire alpha port door, seal, and flange surface (by a VHP process, for example).

  • Containment is maintained while port door is open during sterilization process
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Ordering Information

CRTP Sterilization Cover Assembly (Polypropylene)RTP Sterilization Cover Assembly (Polypropylene)

Item Size Description
CRL-CRTP-105-SC 105 CRTP Sterilization Cover Assembly (Polypropylene)
CRL-CRTP-190-SC 190
CRL-CRTP-270-SC 270
CRL-CRTP-350-SC 350
Legacy RTP
CRL-44357 105 RTP Sterilization Cover Assembly (Polypropylene)
CRL-44360 190
CRL-43402 270
CRL-43401 350
CRL-43789 460

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