Push-Through Glove Ports

A safe, fast-change glove port solution with multiple accessories to expand operational capabilities.

CRL Push-Through Glove Ports are used in isolators or gloveboxes where applications require operators to work with potent or hazardous materials.

The CRL Push-Through Glove System allows for the interchangeability between gloves, viewing windows, bag-outs, and plugs without losing enclosure containment or risking the spread of contamination. The two main components of the system are the glove ring, which mounts to the wall and the support ring or accessory that creates a compression seal inside the enclosure ring.

This system requires a Glove Ring, Support Ring (for use with glove) or accessory, and Ejection tool for operational use. For more information, or to view additional accessories, download the Glove Ports and Glove Sleeve Systems Visual Selection Guide (VSG)

Available Standard Sizes

4 in (102 mm) | 6 in (152 mm) | 8 in (203 mm) | 10 in (254 mm) | 12 in (305mm) | 15 in (381 mm)

8 in (203 mm) | 12 in (305mm)

Custom sizes also available

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  • Push-through accessories: viewing windows, bag-out bags, plugs, and utility panels
  • Safety covers available; sensors added as customizable option
  • Clamp-in or weld-in glove rings available
  • Push-through ejection tools available for safe, fast glove or accessory change

CRL Push-Through Glove Port systems can be mounted in a wide variety of materials including lexan, glass, and metal panels.


Retro-Fit Glove Ports

The CRL Retro-Fit Glove Ports allows non Push-Through ports to become Push-Through ports that are capable of utilizing all CRL Push-Through technology.

To install, the Retro-Fit Glove Port is simply placed over the existing port and securely mounted to the glovebox. Using CRL’s Ejection Tool, the glove assembly is then securely installed into the port and ready for use. Glove changes can be quickly and safely performed at any point without losing containment. Installation of other accessories such as plugs, bags, windows, and safety covers can quickly and efficiently expand glovebox functionality.

The Retro-Fit Glove Ports are currently available for mounting onto 8-inch round glove port rings. Different configurations can also be accommodated to convert any existing port to utilize push-through technology. Contact CRL for more information on customization options.

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