Rapid Transfer Ports (RTP)

Rapid, repeatable transfer without breaking containment.

The CRL Rapid Transfer Port (RTP) is a Double Door Transfer System utilizing our proven transfer technology. This system consists of two main components, the alpha flange and the beta assembly. The Alpha flange is normally mounted to the wall of a glovebox and the Beta assembly is mobile and connected to a container, bag, or process component. When the two assemblies are mated, hazardous materials can be rapidly transferred in and out of the glovebox without breaking containment, while maintaining the safety of the operators.

Available standard sizes (mm): 105 | 190 | 270 | 350 | 460

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Available Features and Options

  • Precision machined components for exact tolerances
  • 316L stainless steel Alpha flange with polypropylene or stainless steel port door
  • Easy to clean silicone Alpha and Beta seals
  • Seals installed and removed without the need for special tooling
  • Hinged or hingeless Alpha flange port door
  • Mechanical interlocks to prevent improper port operation

Interlock System

The CRL Rapid Transfer Port (RTP) features mechanical interlocks that prevent the improper operation of the transfer port which can compromise the containment and sterility of the barrier/isolator.

The interlocks are incorporated into the Alpha flange and interface with the alpha port door handle to prevent:

  • The Alpha port door from being opened when a Beta flange has not been docked
  • The Beta flange from being removed from the Alpha flange when the Alpha port door is open
  • The Alpha port door handle from being rotated when the door is open

Beta Assemblies

Visit the Beta Assemblies page for information about compatible CRL Beta Containers and Accessories for our Transfer Systems.

Application Solutions

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