Sterilizable Rapid Transfer Ports (SRTP)

For transfer of materials (stoppers, vials, caps, etc.) into a sterile isolator or aseptic barrier system requiring a high sterility assurance level.

The Sterilizable Rapid Transfer Port (SRTP) is a Double Door system featuring CRL’s patented dry heat technology. Unlike UV sterilization techniques, our dry heat sterilization method eliminates concerns often associated with contaminated seals resulting from inconsistent aseptic wiping or shadowing and stacking.

An electric heater is installed in the alpha flange at the intersection of the seals (high temperature zone). This critical zone is heated to 190° C and held for a predetermined time after Alpha & Beta are docked. Independent tests have shown that a 6-log microbial reduction can be achieved at the sealing surfaces of the SRTP.

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Available Features

  • 316L stainless steel Alpha flange with polypropylene or stainless steel door
  • Silicone gasket seals
  • Polypropylene or stainless steel protective collar to cover Ring-of-Concern

Optional Equipment

  • Automated port door functions
  • Automated protective collar
  • Molded medical grade polymer Beta flange with various bag material
  • Automated loader system for Alpha/Beta docking

Beta Assemblies

Visit the Beta Assemblies page for information about compatible CRL Beta Containers and Accessories for our Transfer Systems.

Ordering Information

Item Size Description
CRL-44010 190 Sterilizable Rapid Transfer Port (SRTP)

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