For Remote Handling in Inert or High Particulate Radiation Environments

The three-piece telemanipulator is generally used in an inert atmosphere cell, which requires careful environmental control. Typically, the in-cell atmosphere is at a negative pressure for three-piece telemanipulator applications.

The three-piece telemanipulator consists of three independent assemblies, the command (master) arm, the remote (slave) arm and the through-the-wall tube (seal tube). The command arm is removable and interchangeable with any seal tube. The remote arm is remotely removable with an in-cell crane and is also interchangeable with any seal tube. The seal tube itself is maintenance free and usually remains in the wall once installed. When using a three-piece telemanipulator, provisions should be made to remove the remote arm from the hot cell through an air lock or transfer port for maintenance. The three-piece telemanipulator may also be installed and removed from the operator side similar to the single unit telemanipulator.