Waste Drum Transfer System (WDTS)

Waste and bulk packaging solutions.

CRL’s Waste Drum Transfer System (WDTS) was developed to address the need for a safer method of transferring waste from gloveboxes and hot cells.

The system offers the ability to mitigate dangerous bag-out processes from TRansUranic (TRU) and High-Level Waste transfer and re-packaging operations.

This patented system has been engineered to allow rapid and repeatable transfers without breaking cell containment.

The system is fully automated with a self-centering docking ring and automated locking system that is PLC controlled and equipped with a touch screen user interface. No additional alignment tools or hoists are needed for drum docking or door opening. Actuator motors, electrical components and critical maintenance items located on “cold side” of cell.

Available Features and Options

  • Built-in safety interlocks eliminate accidental breach of containment
  • Actuated docking for fast, safe drum connect/disconnect operation
  • Drum liner capable of multiple filling cycles
  • Bagless RTP transfer system eliminates breach of containment while improving ergonomic safety for the operator
  • 30G, 55G, or custom size drum liners available in Polyethylene or Stainless Steel materials

Configuration Options

The Waste Drum Transfer System can be provided in either shielded or unshielded configurations.


The Unshielded Drum Liner allows for maximum usage of internal space while still providing the same level of sealing protection for the operator. The unshielded configuration is ideal for low level waste in glove box applications. The larger internal volume of the unshielded container allows for greater cubic feet of waste removal essential in waste characterization.


The Shielded Drum liner allows for maximum protection. The provided shielding allows for operators to work with radioactive materials and still utilizes the same time tested CRL sealing system.

System Benefits

Waste Efficiency & Cost Savings

The WDTS gives the user the ability to maximize waste storage space. The unit itself is 100% repeatable, meaning that in the event that a drum is not full, it simply needs to be closed and undocked. It can be re-docked and opened at any time to be refilled. This isolates the operator from direct interaction with harmful materials during the waste removal process while also reducing the number of personnel necessary to just one operator.

  • Minimizes empty drum space at final waste disposition site
  • Eliminates additional hydrogenous waste
  • Significant reduction in total TRU waste handling and disposition costs
  • SST liner maximizes high wattage nonhydrogenous drum loading
  • High flow gas filter to maximize wattage limit of drum

Operator Safety

Historical waste removal processes have utilized a bag out procedure that exposed workers to unnecessary contamination risks and was performed under the glovebox. The CRL WDTS replaces the bag with a drum liner and allows remote waste removal without operator exposure. The bagless RTP system eliminates breach of containment while also improving ergonomic safety with the process being performed in and upright, standing position.

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