CRL Announces New U.S. Distributor

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CRL Single-Use Beta Bag

Central Research Laboratories (CRL) is pleased to announce the addition of our newest distributor, Benchmark Products. Through this collaboration, Benchmark Products will incorporate the Single-Use Beta Bag product line into their Suite® product collection and operate as the exclusive distributor of Suite® Single-Use Beta Bags in the United States. We are excited to be moving forward with this new endeavor as this will enhance the high-quality products we provide and give customers access to additional services, including inventory and custom kitting options.

About Single-Use Beta Bags

Single-Use Beta Bags provide an alternative to standard stainless-steel containers used in aseptic processing. This single-use technology is a cost-effective way to transfer components, supplies, and tools into isolation or to remove samples or waste without risking cross-contamination. Single-Use Beta Bags are available in a 190 mm size and are compatible with both CRL and DPTE® XS Alpha Ports. More product information is available here.

About Benchmark Products

Benchmark Products is a cleanroom supplier who specializes in product and service solutions for aseptic manufacturing areas. We work with production, quality and purchasing to develop and deliver unique products for special sterile needs. Our products enable customers to reduce costs and improve quality with on-time and accurate shipments.