Telemanipulators for Radiopharmaceutical Production


Telemanipulators, often shortened to manipulators, are a key component in radiopharmaceutical production. They function with a precision similar to human hands, wrists, and fingers. This allows manipulators the flexibility to perform both basic and complex tasks such as opening containers and lifting objects out of them, weighing test materials, or filling and capping a vial. Because manipulators can essentially do anything a human hand can, manipulators can quickly respond to needed process changes, make repairs and assist in research and development.

The compact, lightweight Model G Series is ideal for dynamic, sensitive, and detailed tasks performed in a hot cell environment and features a full range of customizable options and accessories to precisely fit your needs.

One-piece Model G manipulators are composed of a handle and control arm that is found in front of the operator, outside the hot cell. A thru-tube passes into the hot cell wall connecting to the remote arm inside the hot cell. The entire one-piece unit terminates at the tong and uses stainless steel tapes and cables to transmit motions from the command arm to the remote arm in continuous closed loops. This allows operators to perform tasks as they would with their own hands while protecting both operator and product.

CRL Model G manipulators come in several different configurations and are customizable based on application requirements. How do you know which is best for your application? The best way to determine the most suitable option is to speak with one of our product experts; below is a brief overview of each model to get started:

CRL Model G radiopharma manipulator

G-LD – Light-Duty Use

The G-LD is our most popular manipulator and allows for a range of tasks. The G-LD is a compact, lightweight remote handling solution designed for use in small working areas and a maximum handling capacity of 10lb (4.5kg). Its full range of customizable features makes it easy to adapt to operator preferences and evolve as needs change over time. Its smooth continuous movement, wide range of motion, and strong construction promote superior ergonomics. The durable G-LD was engineered for near-effortless maintenance and the versatility to take on the many diverse tasks required for critical radiopharmaceutical work.

G-LDC – Continuous Use

The G-LDC is a step up from the G-LD, utilizing cables instead of tape; increasing component longevity in continuous production application. This is ideal for operations requiring frequent usage or heavier handling. The G-LDC can lift up to 20lb (9kg).

G-HD – Heavy-Duty Use

The G-HD is the heavy-duty version of the G Series. It’s engineered for larger hot cells and features electrical X & Y indexing to improve comfort and reduce operator strain. It also features a higher maximum handling capacity of 20lb (9kg).

No matter what your application tasks require, CRL carries a manipulator model to accommodate all your remote handling needs. Each tailored with customizable options and accessories to make it the perfect fit.

Our team of experts is always available to help assist in finding the right solutions for your application needs. If you have any questions on Model G manipulators, contact us!

Photo credit: Lawson Health Research Institute (London, ON)